How to Zoom in/out Flash Flipping Ebook with Ease?

Sometimes when you read documents or books on computer, you may found some words and characters are too small that you can't view them clearly. Actually, you can turn your documents into flash page flipping ebook which you can zoom in or zoom out as your wishes? It's not hard to realize it. Please view the following step-to-step tutorial:

Convert your documents into flash flipping ebook:

Prepare: PDF files, images, video or SWF files; download and launch Kvisoft Flipbook Software.

a. Load prepared files into Kvisoft Flipbook Maker.
b. Add rich medias to flip book pages.
c. Design your flipping ebook. Click Template button to personalize your flipping book with amazing templates with nice-looking button style or layout, cool preloader, colorful background, etc.

How to let Zoom in and Zoom out Buttons show in output flipbook:
1. Mouse click Settings button.
2. Expand Button Settings panel.
3. Tick the box before Zoom in and Zoom out. If you don't tick on it, the output flipbook will not show the Zoom in and Zoom out buttons.
Optional: Click Zoom Slider as you like, so you could slide the bar to zoom in or out smoothly.

Zoom in or zoom out your flipping book:

After you finish publishing, please open your flipping book with flash player or browser. Click Zoom In or Zoom Out button, you can adjust the size of the pages with ease in Kvisoft HTML5 page flip magazine maker. Now you don't need to keep close to your PC as you can clearly view the characters. What's more, the output flipbook can turn pages with dynamic page turning effect. It definitely can bring you more joys during reading!

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