Can I Track the Traffic of Flip Book Using Google Analytics?

If you plan to create a 3D page flipping book to enrich your website page, then you may also want to know the marketing effectiveness of the flipping book. Now you can take full use of the built-in functionality Google Analytics of Kvisoft page flip book software to track the traffic of the flipping book.
Google Analytics is the famous free service provided by Google for generating detailed statics about website-visit situation like total visits, visitor characteristics, traffic source, conversion and so forth. The tool is widely used by marketers, webmasters or technologists as the main web statistics tool in tracking online sales activity and performance. If your site is selling products or services online, the e-commerce report offered by Google Analytics should be listed on your everyday must-see list, as it can help you a lot in monitoring sales promotion performances.
How to create flipping book that supporting Google Analytics?
The Kvisoft flip page software not only allows you to create page flipping book, magazine, booklets, catalogue, brochure etc from PDF files, but also allows importing images and flash videos for making these digital publications. Before setting Google Analytics functionality, firstly you should import files, and then turn to the Design column to apply the function.
set google analytics of flip book
1. Click Settings icon (on bottom left) to open menus.
2. Click Main Settings to open its drop-down toolbars
3. Turn to Google Analytics and input your Google Analytics account ID, such as UA-23025485-1
Once you entered the Google Analytics account ID, the software will automatically apply the setting.
After all the setting and design work of page flipping has done, you can publish the made 3D page-flipping book and upload it to your website.
What I Can Track with Flipbook Maker Functionality Google Analytics?
a. Support tracking the visits of flip book
b. Support tracking the clicks of hyperlink on flip book pages.

Compared with ordinary webpage, the webpage with page flipping appears more attractive and vivid, so it is natural that it can bring more traffic to your site. What's better, the functionality Google Analytics of flipping book will offer a detailed traffic report for you check the marketing effectiveness of the 3D flipping book. Why are you still hesitating in creating a stunning flipping book by Kvisoft digital flipbook software?

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