Flash Slideshow Transitions Setting between Slides

Slide transitions are motion effects that occur in slideshow view when you move from one slide to the next during a presentation show. They contain much more than animation effects for slide's content. Flash slideshow with transitions can make your presentation more dazzy without doubt. With Flash Slideshow Designer, you are able to make Flash photo slideshow with amazing various transitions. You have all the control of adding, changing, delteing the transition, or setting the duration for transitions. Take a look at how to do these transition settings now.

Add transition to a slide

  • 1. Click Effect tab.
  • 2. Select the thumbnail of the image that you want to apply a transition to.
  • 3. On the Transitions panel, click the slide transition effect that you want for that slide. Or you also could drag the transition to the box right to the slide.
  • 4. Double click the transiton at the thumbnail panel you will see a live preview of the transition on the active slide.
1. If you want to apply one transition to the entire slideshow slides, just click Apple to Select item, and click "Apple to all".

2. If you want to randomize the transitions, just choose "All Randomize".

Change the transition effect
You could easily change the sldie transitions if you aren't content with the effect after previewing.

  • 1. On the slides thumbnail tab, click the thumbnail of the slide that has the transition that you want to change.
  • 2. On the Transitions panel, select a different slide transition effect for that slide.

Remove the transition
If you don't want to add transition to the slide, just choose the transition icon next to the slide, and then press Delete to remove it.

Set the timing for a transition
To set the duration of the transition between the previous slide and the current slide, do the following:
On the slide thumbnails panel, double click the duration box below the image, and then type the time that you want.

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