How to Set Page Quality of Output Flash Flipping Ebook?

As everyone knows, high quality video or images comes with slow loading speed, and a fast loading speed may decrease the video definition. But now you can make a balance easily!

Sometimes when you read ebooks online, you may found the words are too small for you, or the picture looks blurry, or the ebook size is too large when you download. Now you can get solutions here!

Kvisoft Flipbook Maker provides a chance to adjust the flipbook quality and size by your own hands! With the flipbook software, you can create flash flipping book of various quality:

Launch Flipbook Maker and creat a new project to load your PDF files, SWF, image, or video from PC.

After source file is selected, you could modify page quality to be lower or higher by adjusting the bar or number in the Page Quality setting area.

Note: the higher the quality is, the bigger the flipbook size is.

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