How to set output movie size for flash slideshow

Hello, so far so good. Of all the slide show creators I'm testing, yours is the most users friendly so far. I have a question right now with my test. It looks like too small when I embed it to my web page. I want a slideshow that is the same height, but much wider across, to fit my website design. Am I able to do this with Kvisoft flash sideshow creator?
To answer above question from our customer, this tutorial will assist you for how to set output movie size for flash slideshow.

Step1. Import your pretty photos to Kvisoft photo slideshow creator.

Step2. Switch to Publish tab by clicking this icon publish-tab.jpg
Step3. On the right side of publish tab, there is a panel for Movie Settings. You can set movie size there. Please modify number of Width and Height. If you want to keep aspect ratio, please check the box.

Above are all steps to make slideshow output size. Just a few clicks, you could make slideshow bigger or smaller, as your choice. After, you could preview your photo slideshow movie album.

output effect

Can not wait to share your lovely slideshow with your friends and family? Uploading to website is very easy and convenience way for sharing. Please see another tutorial to publish slideshow to website.

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