How to set background color or background image of slideshow

Good slideshow software should not only have rich templates, but also feature that allows editors to customize their own background. Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Designer is exactly the one what you are searching for. This article will guide you how to set your personalized background for flash slideshow.

Please launch Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Designer. After imported photos, please hit Background buttonBackground-button.jpg on middle of main interface.

Then the Background setting window will pop up.

There are 2 options for custom background. One is background color, another one is background image. So you can choose to use color or image as background of flash slideshow.

  • Set color as background.
    • Step1. Check Background Color.
    • Step2. Click drop-down menu.
    • Step3. Select a color as you like.
    • Step4. Hit OK button to save setting.
  • Set image as background.
    • Step1. Check Background Image.
    • Step2. Import an image from your own computer.
    • Step3. Select an image layout type. There are 3 choices, Tile, Stretch and Center. And Tile is the default mode if you do not make any change.
    • Step4. Hit OK button to save selected image as background of flash slideshow.

Finally, you could publish your stunning flash slideshow with customized background. By using slideshow maker software with good quality, it is just a piece of cake to make unique slide show.

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