How to Send Output Flipbook to Others via Email

Share your created flipbook to others would be a usual-do thing when your publish your PDF to amazing flipbook or export PDF to flash magazines. Email is a common tool when we contact with others. Then, how to send your flipbook via email? Here are two solutions for you.

1: Send local page-flipping ebook via email when publishing
Flipbook Maker allows you to output PDF to at least four formats - HTML, EXE, APP and SWF. Flipbook Maker Pro also enables you to publish to screensaver.
HTML allows you to upload to a website to be viewed online. You also can create mobile version based html5 to let others view HTML5 flip book on mobile devices via browsers.
EXE is executable application for auto-running on Windows.
SWF is standalone single wrapped  swf flash book.
App (Mac Application) is executable application can be run on Mac.

You can email all publications in all of above output format to others after converted. Just click Compressed to ZIP as After Publishin option. Then attach zipped package under output folder to email and send it out.

2: Send online page-flipping ebook via email
If you have a site and you want to share the flipbook online, you should publish the flipbook as HTML format. If you want to mobile users read the flipbook, please tick the "Make this magazine support mobile device". Then upload all output files and folders to  to your online site, you will get a link for the flipbook. With this link, everyone can view the flipbook. For sharing with your customers and friends, you can email the link to them.

At the same time, you can enable the share button on the flipbook. By default, the share icon is displayed on the toolbar of the flipbook. This icon allows you and the viewer share the flipbook to others via Email or social networks.

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