How to Save Flash Slideshow Templates for Future Using

I am professional wedding photo album producer. Recently, I am making a group of slideshow with new wedding theme. I want to make them special with unique template. So I am using Kvisoft Flash Slideshow to custom template. It is really powerful and easy to use. But I have no idea how to save designed templates, so I could use them in future without building templates from beginning again. Could somebody give me suggestion?

This tutorial will answer above question and shade light on how to save templates for future using with photo slideshow program. It just takes a few clicks, really easy to use.

Before saving templates, you should first finish design of custom template. Please refer to our tutorial for customizing slideshow template. After you could save template by 2 steps:
1. Click output buttonTemplage-output.jpg on Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Theme designer.

2. Input a name for the template which is going to be saved, and click OK button to save the customized template.


It is finished. The customize template was saved. It can be found on template category. You could simply double click to apply it next time when creating slideshow with photo slideshow software.

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