How to save slideshow project for further editing

When you finish create a slideshow with slideshow software, edition of your flash slideshow will disappear if you did not save that project before closing the program. That means it is lost and cannot be found forever. Next time, you want to continuously edit that slideshow, you have to start all over again, adding photos, editing images, choosing template, applying effect, etc. It sounds terrible and kind of waste of time. A simply action can save you from that annoying situation. That is saving project when slideshow was done. This tutorial will show you how to save slideshow project for further editing.

First, please open File menu on upper right of main interface. Then apply sub-menu of Save Project. After, the project file with .fss extension is saved, including slideshow template, effect, music and other settings or edition you have made. 

Later, when you want to do further edition, you could open and restore that saved project. Please launch the software, next open the File menu, and then press sub-menu of Save Project. If you want to save this project as a new dependent project, please click menu of Save As Project. Make creation of slideshow easier with the user-friendly Kvisoft photo slideshow software. Check out the wedding slideshow demo by click here.  


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