Tips for customized template project saving and modifying

What to do if you are creating templates but have to quit half way? How to do continuous edition to previous own-build templates? This tutorial will give you tips for customized template project saving and modifying on professional and powerful flash slideshow creator.

Preparation: Open Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Designer, and customize template with Theme designer. You could see more details for customize template on this tutorial: How to customize your own flash slideshow template.

After template design and edition, you could go to save template project for further use.

1. Save slideshow template project.

Please hit save button template-button-save.jpg on upper of Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Theme designer interface. Then define saving destination and project name. After, theme design project file(*.kct) was saved. Otherwise, you could use File menu on upper right. Sub-menu of Save is for saving edition to old project. Save As sub-menu is for saving project as a new project.


2. Modify slideshow template project.

Just simply press Open buttontemplate-button-open.jpg or click Open sub-menu on File menu, you can import saved template project to slideshow program, and then continuously to modify it.    

By saving templates project, you do not need to do edition from start again. With good quality flash slideshow software, it really helps a lot to save time for those professional editors who create flash slideshow very often.

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