How to Save Flipbook Project for Future Editing

Kvisoft flipbook page flip software is great software to create a page flipping effect books with only four easy steps, from Add File to Page Edit and Design to Publish. If you are creating a flipbook and have not yet get it published and want to save the partly-made flipbook for further edit, the following guide can help you:

Look at the top left corner of the interface on Design tab, the File menu is the place where you can save the flipbook. Click over it, you’ll find New, Open, Save, Save As… and other choices. These choices are similar to the Save button in MS Word. The New means start a new flipbook, if you have not saved the flipbook, don't choose it. Choose Save to save the flipbook in the computer; the Save As… means saving the project files in a new name or saving path.

Alternatively, there is a shortcut button ''Save'' on top of the window, you can simply hit it to save the flipbook project you are editing.

Next time when you want to have a further edit of the flipbook, you could open the file by double clicking the bookcase on Home tab, or through the Open button under the File, the flipbook will be the same as you already saved last time.

By above way, it is easy to save time and make your editing work simple. Making a flipbook with page flipping effect of our own is really amazing. Just have a free trial of the Kvisoft flipbook software now!

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