How to Remove Gray Blank Space on Flipbook Page

This tutorial is only suitable for the version 3.6.10 or previous versions. When friends are creating flipping books from various PDFs and images, you may find it that there is some grey blank space surrounding page content. Ever came across the same problem? Don't worry. There are some easy solutions for such case.

Why I get grey blank space around flipbook pages?
Grey blank space appears because that the PDF files or images you imported are of different page sizes. Usually, our digital magazine maker fixes flipbook page size according to the very first page you imported. That's to say, the first page imported will determine the final flipbook page size. If the first page is much bigger than other pages, those small pages will get a circle of grey blank space around.

flipbook of grey blank space

How to remove grey blank space around flipbook content?
Method 1:
The best way to avoid grey blank space is adjusting images and PDF pages into the same size with image or PDF editor before flipbook creation goes.
Method 2:
After you imported PDFs and images, then please go to Page Edit:
1. Click Page Edit
2. Select the flipbook page of grey blank space from right thumbnail
3. Set top and height parameters: please set Top value with "0", and then adjust value of Height, Width etc to the proper one. Please don't click Apply to All.

resize flipbook page size

This method is workable when imported files are of small size difference. After all these settings done, you can now preview the page your adjusted in Design column:

flipbook out of grey blank space

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