How to Reduce the File Size of Flipbook

Most of our Flipbook Maker users use our software to create and publish digital publications online. There would be one common question, how to make the file size of generated flip books smaller for online usage? Yeah, if your the file size of your imported PDF bigger than 2Mb, the output flipbook would be quite big. Then, is there any tips to reduce file size for web use? Yes.

You know that if the output flipbook in a big size, it will affect the loading speed when viewers visit it through browser. To avoid it, here are some tips for you.

Page Quality Setting for Imported PDF Pages

When you import the PDF documents, there would be an Import PDF window for you to set the page quality. Higher quality, bigger output file size. So please select a suitable option from the page quality selections, to lower flipbook size.

Disable option of Import first 10 pages for quick preview

Untick the "Import first 10 pages for quick preview" option, it would help to reduce the file size of flipbook.

Hide the download or pritn button

Go to Design tab -> Settings -> Button Settings -> Untick Download or Print .

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