Word File Recovery - Recover Lost Word Documents

Microsoft Word document is widely used in office and home for handling digital contents like reports, stories, thesis, statistics, notes and etc. Sometimes Word documents can be lost for multiple reasons, such as unexpected Microsoft Word corrupt or exit, error deletion, accidental formatting, system restore and more Word file loss causes. If you are seeking quick Word file recovery solutions, please continue reading and you will get effective ways to recover lost Word documents in this guide.

Solution 1- recover corrupted Word and unsaved changes:

Occasionally, the Word document may be closed accidentally because of computer faults, power interruption or human error without saving content changes. For these document loss cases, you have 6 different methods to recover lost Word files by following this link: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/316951/en-us.

Solution 2- recover deleted/emptied/formatted/lost Word Files:

Sometimes, the Word documents may get lost due to mistaken document deletion, recycle bin emptying, storage device formatting and other unknown file loss causes. You can easily recover deleted Word documents or restore lost Word files with third-party programs like Kvisoft files recovery software. No matter your Word documents get lost from hard drives, USB, pen drives or any other data storage device, the Kvisoft Word recovery tools can get lost Word documents back for you in a few clicks.


Download and install Word files recovery tool

There are both Windows and Mac version Word recovery software provided by Kvisoft. Please download the right version according to your operating system.

To prevent the lost Word documents from being overwritten, please better install the file restore tool on the different partition where you deleted or lost Word doc.


Choose a media type

Hit to select a media type which you need to recover documents from.


Select the drive or device to scan lost doc files

Select the partition or device where you deleted or lost Word documents, then hit Deep Scan to start scanning lost doc files.


Preview and recover lost Word documents

It takes a while to scan lost Word files. All the scanned doc files will be classified under folder document just as the below image shows. You are allowed to preview the content of documents which are smaller than 10M in file size.

If scan out a lot of documents, then you can use the filter to help you single out the lost files by file name, size, date and etc. Once you found the lost Word files, please tick these Word files and click Recovery button to restore the lost Word documents.

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