How to Recover Data from DVD Disk

DVD is the common way to store data such as videos, movies, high quality music, applications, etc. There are different DVD formats - DVD-ROM, DVD-R/RW, DVD-RAM, and DVD+R/RW. Thought DVD is considered to be high security to store data, DVD data loss cannot be avoided completely. Which tool have you ever used when you need to recover data on Mac from DVD disk?

There are so many ways available from the internet, maybe you can use toothpaste to do DVD data recovery from scratched or damaged CD/DVD Disc, but what should you do when you have lost data from DVD disk, or you have accidently deleted important files from DVD when you re-burning the disk? How can you recover data from DVD when you met such things?

Well, maybe you can try Kvisoft Data Recovery for Mac, it is also effective DVD recovery software that can help you recover lost data from DVD, supports restore data from ISO 9660, Joliet, UDF, Rock Ridge, HFS and HFS+ file systems based discs. Of course, if you own a Windows OS computer, you can also download the windows version software to perform DVD data recovery.

How to recover data from DVD disk?


Insert DVD disk to computer

Insert your DVD to the optical drive of Mac computer, and launch the DVD data recovery software.


Choose DVD as scanned media

After open the software, you will see the interface as below. Just choose Optical Media to continue.


Select DVD device to scan files.

Then the program will guide you to the next interface, you can see the software has already detected the DVD device, click the device to select it as scanned device, and choose a scan mode, here we recommend you to choose Deep Scan mode if you want to find lost data back from DVD. Click Start to perform the scanning process.


Preview your DVD files and perform data recovery from DVD

Please wait a moment as the deep scanning process will take more time than a quick scan. After the scan process finished, you will find all scanned files will be listed on the left side by different folders and file types. Click on the corresponding folders and files, you can preview the files, check the box before FileName as the file is your need one, you can also select all folders to recover. Then click Recovery button to do data recovery DVD, choose other device to save files, or you can also save them on your Mac computer directly.

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