How to Publish Flip Book Online

After you use our flip book maker to create page flipping ebook for online sharing, the next need thing is how to publish the flipping book online and share it with others.

If you own a webiste, upload the files online using FTP

1. Log on to your website with FTP. For example, you website domain is
2. Find the output flipbook related folder(including "files" folder, and index HTML file) which you want to publish online. For example, your output folder is located at C:flipbookoutputmagazine:
3. Find the directory where you want to host the flipping book related folder and upload the folder to it. For example, your upload to directory
4. See your flipping book at: "" or better:

If you don't own a webiste, upload the files to your blog or online file uploading site

1. If your blog allows you to upload folders, publish the folder to your blog.
2. IF you don't own a website or a blog that allows to upload files, please use some free online file uploading sites to host your files, such as Dropbox.

  • a. Go to and create an account
  • b. Download Dropbox and install it on your computer
  • c. Run Dropbox, open the "Public" folder which under Dropbox path, and paste the output flipbook folder (For example, the folder name is magazine) to it.
  • d. Right click the "magazine" folder and choose "Dropbox->Share This Folder…"
  • e. Log on to Dropbox -> Go to Public folder -> Open the flipbook folder "magazine" -> Double click index.html to view the flipbook. At the same time, you can get the flipbook URL address by right-clicking the index.html and copy public link.

Tip: If you want to embed the flipbook on your website or blog, here are the html code for you.

Please change the to your specified flipbook's address.

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