Protect Page Flipbook from Being Printed or Downloaded

If you want to create something unique like 3D page flipping e-book, e-magazine, e-brochure etc to grow your brand or impress web visitors, but do not want others to print or download the peerless publications, then please take some time to see how page flip software makes it easy for you.
About Kvisoft Page Flip Software
The page flip creator is a feature-rich program for converting PDF, flash video and images to digital catalogues, magazine, ebook, brochure that turn pages vividly like a real paper book. The powerful tool allows users to embed logo, hyperlink, video, bookmarks etc to 3D page flip book. It is a nice tool for everyone to make flash digital publications without any programming skills.
To protect your page flip book from being printed or downloaded, please follow the below guide:
How to protect page flip book from being printed or downloaded?
Before you do button settings of print and download, first off you should load files for creating flip book.
protect flipbook from being printing or downloading
1. Go to Design tab.
2. Click  Settings button.
3. Expand Button Settings panel.
4. Come to Download and Print icon, please don't tick on the two buttons which means that Download and Print button will not be showed in output flip book.
5. Finish.

You can follow the above procedure to customize the button settings of page flip book step by step in a few clicks.

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