How to Merge SWF Files in Flip Magazine Format

If you have a set of SWF Files and want to view them in magazine format with page flip effect. Here is the solution for you to merge SWF files into one flip magazine by using Kvisoft flip magazine software.

Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro is the flip magazine software can help you combine SWF files into one file in different formats, you can view the SWF files as follow: SWF file 1(magazine cover), click to next, SWF file 2(magazine page 1) on left, SWF file 3 (magazine page 2) on right, click to next, SWF file 4(magazine page 3) on left, SWF file 5(magazine page 4) on right, etc. and the last SWF file is magazine back cover. SWF files look like slideshows, or flip books. And you can also add interactive elements in your SWF files include hyperlinks, navigation text, etc. Below is the tutorial showing you how to do.


Download flip magazine software and install.

Download Kvisoft flip magazine software and install it follow the setup wizard. Here is the download link: .


Import SWF files to software.

After installation, launch the software and import your SWF files from your computer to the software. Tips: you can name your SWF files as page1, page2, etc. Of course, you can also simply rearrange them by dragging and dropping the files on the interface.


Add hyperlinks and navigation text.

Click the “Edit Page” button on the top of interface. Next the ''Page Editor'' window will pop up, and it allows users to add multi-media elements like text, sound, image, flash, video and so on.  Please follow these steps:
a. Select a page where you want to add clickable link to.
b. Click the “Plain TXT” button.
c. Left click, hold and drag mouse to draw a frame on the page.
d. Type text in the box or leave it blank, then hit the OK button.
e. Switch to TXT editing tab.
f.  Click  the mouse icon above ''Action''.
g. Check box of ''Mouse Click Action'', and tick ''Open link''.
h. Input URL and select how target window type.
i.  Hit 'OK' button.

It is similar as above steps to add clickable links to image, gallery, video, flash, etc.


Design the SWF flip magazine template.

Please click ''Save and Exit'' button on upper right of Page Editor, to go back to Design tab. Then choose a background and appearance theme from the left side, to make your flip page book look more beautiful.


Publish SWF files as flip magazine.

Click the Publish button, choose the publish format as your need. HTML format is good for website, HTML5 is popular for reading on mobile devices, EXE format is Windows standalone executable file which is suitable for offline distribution, and single wrapped standalone SWF format file is also good for sharing, etc.

Now you can view your SWF files side-by-side just like flipping a magazine.

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