Make Flipbook on Mac - Select Output Format for Flipbook

For flipbook lovers who are creating 3D flipbook on Mac OS X with our Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Mac software, you may hesitate for a moment when facing multiple output formats. Please come with me and I will take you out of such hesitation.

Which Flipbook Format Meets Your Needs?

Once you finished all the settings, click "Publish" button, you will see a pop-up window listing all the supported output formats, including HTML, SWF, APP, EXE, ZIP and mobile version. Let's see the brief introductions below:
select flipbook format

To select HTML, a file folder which contains your flipbook will be outputted. If you want to publish flipbook on your site on a single webpage, this format will be the ideal format. You only need to upload the whole file folder to your web via FTP, and then you can view your flipbook on the webpage via browsers(Adobe Flash Player 9 or above version is needed).

If you choose SWF, you will generate a standalone SWF flipbook. We provide this output format, because some third-party webs and blogs (like Wordpress) don't allow us to upload file folder or HTML files. If you plan to share your flipbook on external sites, then the SWF is the best format for you.

APP is the executable file format for Mac OS X. Choose APP as your target format, you can output an executable flipbook containing in an .app file. Double click it, you can view your flipbook offline on your Mac laptop and desktop.

EXE is the executable file format for Windows operating system. Highlight EXE, it means that you will get a flipbook containing in an .exe file. Run it on Windows powered computer, you can read your page flipping book offline.

Choose ZIP as the output format, you will get a compressed package which contains a folder of outputted flipbooks. The ZIP flipbook is convenient for offline flipbook delivery.

Also Create Mobile version Flipbook
Tick on "Also create mobile version", this will make your online flipbook readable on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

So why not download the Kvisoft PDF to Flash Converter for Mac to make your own flipbook? It's free to try within 30 days, and free lifetime update is offered.

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