Make a Flipbook with Table of Contents on Mac

I had a large number of eBooks in PDF format and converted them to flip book style. All of them look perfect. My readers love those flipbooks so much. But they are without table of content. It is really inconvenient for reading large eBooks, since it is hard to locate to certain section of digital book. How to make a flipbook of table of contents on Mac? Anybody can help me? Have you ever met the same situation as above? PDF to SWF flipbook Mac will help you settle this matter. This tutorial will guide you to create table of contents for flipping book on Mac.

Steps for creating table of content

After you loaded PDF ebook into Kvisoft PDF to flipbook Mac, then you can follow the below guidelines to add table of contents for your page flipping ebook:


Go to TOC panel

When PDF ebook has been successfully loaded to the Mac flipbook software, the advanced settings menu will automatically appear.
panel of table of contents


Use 4 buttons(in above image) to customize TOC

  • a. First button: click it, you can add first-level directory list.
  • b. Second button: click it, you can insert a line into two existing lines.
  • c. Third button: hit this button, you can add a subdirectory.
  • d. Fourth button: highlight one specific line and click the fourth button, you can delete the selected line from table of contents.

Double-click Untitled and page number, you can modify the directory name and page number. When you finished TOC settings, please don't forget to click the blue tick button on bottom left to apply these settings.

Afterwards, you can preview the custom TOC by clicking TOC button which is on navigation bar. When you click on title, the flipbook will automatically flip to the page you defined.
preview table of contents

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