Make Flipbook Readable Online via PC iPad iPhone Android

It is reported that increasing numbers browse information on the internet via portable devices, such as iPad, iPhone, Android devices and other smartphones. So if your online presentation is not readable on these devices, you may miss many business chances. In this guide, we will discuss about how to make online flipbook compatible with not only PC, but also iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Create Both PC and Mobile Version Flipbook

Download PDF to Flash Mac. Once installation is completed, please start it. Then you can import PDF catalog/brochure and etc into the software for making personalized page flipping book.
Once you clicked Publish button, you will see the below dialogue box. Select a format and tick the "Also create mobile version", you can make both PC and mobile version flipbook at a time.

When the flipbook has been generated successfully, you can upload all the output files to your site via FTP. The online flash flipping book will be visible for both PC, iPad, iPhone and Android devices users.

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