How to Make Flash Flip Book from Right to Left

If you use Arabic or some other kinds of language which should be read from right to left, you may want to make Flash flip book from right to left. Our flipbook maker enables you to define the reading order for your flipbooks.

How to Make Flipbook Turn Pages from Right to Left?

Flipbook Maker and PDF Page Flip book Maker Pro have the function to let you do the right-to-left setting. Here are two ways to set it. You can set it in a few clicks.

Click Settings panel - Advanced settings -> Tick Right to Left -> Done. How easy it is to use!

How to cancel the right to left setting?
Click Settings panel - Advanced settings -> Untick Right to Left -> Done.

Make Right-to-left Language Flipbook Content Searchable for Readers

After you have successfullt made a right-to-left flipbook, now we will tell you how to make your Arabic flipbook content searchable in right to left mode, so your readers can easily locate to specific page or area after they searched a word or phrase within your right-left language flipbook.

1. Go to Settings.
2. Input "search" to find all search settings, include search button and search mode.
3. Tick on Right to left and Search.

Then you can preview the settings from preview panel. Please click Search button, enter an Arabic word or phrase, then all the pages containing related results will be listed. You can locate to specific page within seconds.

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