How to Make e Catalogue from PDF

Catalogue is a good internet leaflet to present your products and service. With e-catalogue software, you can not only publish your PDF catalogue online, but also track total visits, time spends on reading and link clicks data which all are good reference data before you make a market decision.

Sample of Electronic Catalogue Made by Kvisoft

Steps to Make a Catalogue:


Prepare & Install Kvisoft E-catalogue Software

Prepare a PDF of your catalogue, download and install Kvisoft digital publish software, the software can help you convert your PDF to flash catalogue with luxuriant elements.


Import File

Open the software, import PDF file by click New Project button, select the PDF catalog you want to convert, then the page size setting window will pop up, you can set the size of output digital catalog.


Edit Your Digital Catalogue

After import PDF files, you can adjust sequence of the pages by dragging and dropping. Click Edit Page on the top of interface, you can add hyperlinks, image, actions, video and other elements to enrich your product catalog.


Customize the Appearance

a. Customize catalog template. There are numerous beautiful templates and themes on the left panel, with which you can decorate your e catalogue to make it look more outstanding.
b. Add brand to e catalog. To set brand information, go to Settings - open menu of Brand Settings,  add your company logo and URL into digital catalog to grow your brand. You can customize the width and height of your brand logo.
c. Integrate catalog with Google Analytics. Under Main Settings, you can enter your Google Analytics ID. Once your published the catalogue online,  it can help you track user behaviors such as page views, popularity etc.

d. Other settings. You can also do other settings to make your e catalog more attractive and user-friendly by customizing preloader style, navigation buttons style, tablet of content etc that it will make your content more convenient and enjoyable for others to read.

Once you finished all the settings, please preview the changes and design to make sure that your product catalog looks perfect. What you see is what you will get!


Publish Your E-catalogue

Just click the Publish button on the top of the interface, you can publish e catalogue to different formats, such as publish as HTML, you can upload this format e catalogue on your website, so your customers can browser it online; you can also publish catalog as HTML5 format, this is the recommended format if you want to make your e catalog accessible for mobile customers.


Upload Catalog to Website

Here we suggest two ways:
a.Upload on your own website via FTP, you can upload the total folder to your website, and then insert it to your website, follow this article to know the details about How to Upload flip e catalogue to Website via FTP.
b. Publish online if don’t have website. You can upload your digital catalogue to other free online cloud servers such as GoogleDrive if you don’t have a website. Here is the tutorial to teach you step by step how to publish flipbook catalogue online without website.

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