How to Create Interactive Digital Business Presentations

"I designed several business presentations including catalogue, brochure and pamphlets for distribution, is it possible to embed them on my website in a cool and catchy way? So that my visitors can read them online."

A practical question asked by Gavin. If you have same requirements, this online tutorial will help you create cool presentations with our software.

Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro is one of the business presentation software that makes it possible and easy to create animated and creative digital presentations with page turning effect. Your online guide, product catalog, promotional brochure, flyers, photography collection and more digital publications can be showcased online in an interactive and modern way with inserted audio, video, links and etc. Here's a screenshot of business presentation example which is created by Kvisoft FlipBook Maker software.
animated presentation example

How to Create Interactive Business Presentations with Kvisoft FlipBook Software?



a. Please prepare your documents and ensure them are great in design, layout and content.
b. Download and install Kvisoft digital publishing software for free trial. The digital presentation tool is free to try within 30 days so that you can evaluate its features for free within the period. After that, you can choose to purchase or uninstall it.


Import Files into 3D Presentation Maker Software

Kvisoft FlipBook Maker is a professional business presentation making software that generates 3D digital presentations out of various documents or files such as PDF, Word, PowerPoint, images and etc.
Please click New Project to browse your document from your computer for importing it.


Define Custom Templates for Your Digital Presentation

The software provides many free built-in business presenting templates that you can adjust the settings such as theme, page style, button appearance, logo, brand, navigational table of contents, bookmarks and etc according to your presentation design and content. This will ensure your e-presentations are in line with your requirements.


Embed Audio, Video, Links for Presenting Business Interactively

In some cases, you may want to insert audio notes, music, video demo or hyperlinks into commercial presentations to describe your service or product in richer demonstration ways.
Please click Page Editor to insert your media files, after that, please click Save and Exit to save these settings and go back to main design interface.


Publish Presentations to Selected Format

Kvisoft 3D presentation software allows users to publish files to different formats such as HTML, standalone SWF, EXE, Video and etc. If you are not sure which format you should choose, the tutorial will explain it according to practical uses.

Preview and make sure all the settings and design are perfect when reading on computer and mobile devices, you will notice that your business information are presented in a 3D page flipping style. Now you can upload it to website or WordPress blog for sharing on website. To learn more how you can embed flipbook to WordPress post here.
Interested in it? It's free to try the cool and animated business presentation software, you will never regret for a free trial of it to design interactive online presentations with this user-friendly digital magazine creating program.

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