How to Use the Table of Contents for Flipping Books

The new version of Kvisoft flipbook maker pro has added the function of table of contents, which made searching and flipping the pages more easily. And it is very beneficial for the PDF files that have too many pages. Here is the preview interface of flipbook:

The second button on navigation bar of output flip book refers to the overview of the whole table of contents. If you click on the title on the table of contents, the eBook will automatic flip to the specific page. So related content will appear on the right, for readers to read easily. And the table of content will disappear by clicking the button again.

It is accessible for editor to edit the table of contents easily. Go to Design tab,  and Contents section. Here lists table of contents from your original PDF, or new added contents you added.

For instance, in this table of contents, you can add items into the PDF table of contents. You may notice the four icons below:

Here you could edit the table of contents, they respectively refer to add item, insert item and add subitem; It can be shown clearly in the image above. Besides, the icon means delete.

The title and page number of the item you add to the table of contents is changeable and editable. What you need to do is double-click on title or page number to edit them.

It is very similar to a bookmark and you can insert it to any titles you like. When you preview the contents and click the title name, it will jump to the page you added.

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