How to Upload Flipbook Files to Website via FTP

After publishing PDF files to flash page-turning flipping books, the next thing is to upload the generated flipbook files to your website. If you don't know how to do it, please read the following instructions about how to publish your flipping ebooks to your website via FTP.

FTP is like 'My Computer' for your website. It will allow you to login to your webspace and view the files on your web-server. When you have created your website you need a way to upload your site to your web-server so they can be viewed when someone goes to

Using your site's control panel to upload files.

Step 1. Open a web-browser window and go to (replace yoursite with your actual website's name).
Step 2. Log into your website's control panel with the username and password of your webhosting's infomation.

Step 3. Once you have logged in click on the 'File Manager' icon.
Step 4. And then find your website's folder, find the directory where you want to upload the generated flipbook folder. and then upload it to the specified directory.

Using an FTP program to upload files

It is often easier to use an FTP program rather than uploading files one-at-a-time via your site's control panel. There are several FTP programs available and all operate pretty much the same. Such as Smart FTP, CuteFTP, and more. Let's take CuteFTP for example.
1. Log into your web-server by typing your host name, username, password, and port and then click connect button.

2. In a few mintues, your website's files would appear. This is where you will upload all the files for your website. Just go to the appropriate folder where you want to host the flipbook folder and then upload the flipbook folder to it. You also can copy the folders and paste to the web-server folder.

3. You are now all done. You should be able to see your flipbook at (if your flipbook folder's name is flipbook).

FTP your data feed using a web browser

1. Open "My Computer" on your computer, and then type at the address bar
2. Type the username and password, and click Logon.

3. You will see a window with a lot of folders. Now simply paste the whole flipbook folder to the directory where you want to host the flipbook. Once you have sent your file, the icon for the file will appear in the Internet Explorer window. The file is now uploaded.

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