How to Set Security for Output Flash Flipping Ebook?

Have you ever come across the following situation? You created a flash flipping ebook or e-magazine, but it's a confidential or private one that you only want to share with specific guys. You may feel anxious about it, because others may steal a glance. Don't worry anymore! page turning software Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro offers a way to protect your flash flipbook from peeping. Its security feature can enable you set a password to control who can view your flash flipping ebook.

Flipbook Maker Pro is a feature-rich tool for converting PDF, images, video or SWF into flash page flipping ebook, and it supports everyone to add password for output flipping publications.

Before publishing your ebook or e-magazine, please follow the below steps to set the security options:

  1. Step1: click Settings button on the top of interface
  2. Step2: open Main Settings menu, and find the Password setting section. Otherwise, you can input ''Password'' in search box to reach that section quickly.
  3. Step3: check the box of  Use Password.
  4. Step4: input a private password and set which page the password start from.

Above are easy steps to apply the security setting for the whole flipping book or some pages. At once, you can see that there is a box  asking for password on the right preview panel. If you want to preview the output flipping publication, you need to enter the password in popup window.

After security setting, you can publish the digital flipping ebook. If others want to view your published ebook, they need to enter the accurate password to view the flash page flipping ebook.

Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro offers you an easy way to protect privacy and set security for output flash flipping ebook, why not have a free try?

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