How to set security for output merged PDF

Free PDF merger enables you to combine password-protected PDF file into one PDF. Also, it allows you to customize security options for the output merged PDF. Then how to do the security setting work? This tutorial will show you the details.

Now, let's suppose that you have imported the PDF files you wish to merge. Then please click Options icon and a new setting window would appear.

You can set passwords for opening or restricting PDF options.

Open password

If you set the open password, then others should know the password if you want to view the content of PDF. When you try to open the PDF, an window opens asking you to input the password. Input the password then you can view the PDF.

Printing and editing password

You can prevent the PDF viewers to print or edit the password by ticking the "Use a password to Restrict Printing and Editing the Document" and input the password to the Permissions Password box.
Print Allowed: It allows you to set the quality of printing. "None" will restrict other to print. "Low Resolution" will set the print resolution to 150dpi. "High Resolution" will have no restriction for resolution.
Change Allowed: It will let you set options for Inserting, deleting and rotating pages, filling in form fields and signinng exist signatures, commenting and filling in form fields and signinng exist signatures, and any but extracting pages.

You also can enable or disable the coping of content.

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