How to Recover Shift Deleted Files

"Can I recover my image files which are permanently deleted by clicking Shift + Delete? I can't find these files in my Recycle Bin. Any tips about Shift Delete recovery" a forum thread asked by Rajaa.

Why are Shift Deleted files not recoverable from Recycle Bin?

Usually, we delete unwanted or useless files by means of hitting Delete key or dragging the items to Recycle Bin. Some days later when you need these items for special use, you can go ahead to Recycle Bin and get these items back effortlessly by hitting Restore key. What's different, if you delete files with Shift + Delete, the files removed will not get stored in Recycle Bin, so nobody can restore these items in the same way.

If you remove files with pressing Shift and Delete keys, all its regarding entries will be directly removed from file system without passing Recycle Bin. The Shift deleted items will still exist on hard drive in the form of raw data, but its occupied space will be taken as free memory space which is open for writing new datas on. As long as the raw data has not been overwritten by new data, you still have an opportunity to restore the shift deleted files by using a professional deleted file recovery software.

Recover Shift Deleted files within a few clicks


Install and launch Kvisoft shift deleted file recovery software

After you downloaded the shift delete file recovery application from Kvisoft, please follow the instructions to install it on your PC. Once you started the powerful software, please hit Hard Drive, then you will be directed to the next step automatically.


Select partition and choose Deep Scan

Next, you will need to highlight the original partition where you stored and removed the files with Shift + Delete keys. Please then tick Deep Scan and hit Start tab to scan the shift deleted datas. The length of scanning process depends on the size of selected disk and the file quantity stored on.


Preview and recover files removed with Shift + Delete

The Kvisoft shift delete recovery tool allows users to previewing scanned files while processing file scan. Open the file list tree, you can filter the scanned results by file type, date, size or name to pick out the specific file you want.
You can preview files such as images, movies, audio, office documents and etc before restoring shift deleted files. When you find the correct shift deleted files, please hit Recovery to get these files back.
preview files deleted by shift delete

1. Please do shift delete file recovery as soon as possible once you realized the wrong deletion. In case the files have been overwritten.
2. Please do not install the Kvisoft deleted data recovery software on the hard drive which you erased files from. To learn about how to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin.

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