How to Make a Multilingual Flipbook - Readers Can Switch Language

Digital publishers and online marketers who work for global business may want to publish their content in multiple languages, so that readers can easily read the digital content in mother tongue. A multi-language supported publication will decrease the traffic loss and boost the marketing effectiveness.
Just see the multilingual flipbook example made by Kvisoft FlipBook Software. You can click the flag to switch the flipbook language before reading. This multi-language flipbook demo supports 4 languages, including English, French, Arabic and Japanese. Want to make a multilingual flipbook of your own? Please take a look at the below tips:

What You Need to Prepare?

1. Translate your document into different languages according to your target audience.
2. Download and install digital magazine publishing software.

How to import all the language versions of your PDF into Kvisoft FlipBook Maker?

a. Click New Project to import the first language version of your PDF and then click Open
b. Click plus sign.
c. A dialogue will appear. Please open the dropdown menu to add another language, then click OK
d. Click add page button to load the second language version of your PDF and then click Open.
e. To click plus sign, you can add the third version in the same way. Once your imported all the language versions of your PDF, please click Start button to load all these selected files.

How to customize toolbar or reader interface language of your flipbook?

Go to Language menu, you can customize the toolbar language of your flipbook. Kvisoft PDF flash flip book software can automatically generate toolbar of 5 different languages, including English, French, Arabic, German and Japanese. If you need to make a flipbook in other languages such as Italian, then you need to customize the toolbar language by yourself:
1. Click Language Edit icon
2. Click Add icon
3. Open dropdown list of Language to choose Italian, click Ok
4. Tick Italian in Language Edit dialog and click OK
5. Switch to "it" (short for Italian) to customize the toolbar button language: navigation bar, magazine, bookmark, search etc. You don't need to customize the language for hidden buttons.

How to let language button show on flipbook reader interface?

In the dropdown menu of Settings -> Button Settings ->Language, you can show or hide the language button. Tick on it, the language button will appear on the flipbook reader interface with which readers can switch language. When readers move mouse to Language button, flags(stand for language) will appear and readers can click specified flag to choose a language for reading.

Now you can output the multilingual flipbook and preview it in web browser. The multi-language supported flipbook allows readers to switch language for reading and handling. See the below image:

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