How to make Halloween Flash Video Gallery

Halloween 2011 is coming up fast. By October 31st the nights are getting longer and cooler, and it's easier to imagine another world of ghosts, zombies, witches, vampires and goblins. It is a holiday that presents terrific photo possibilities, and you will sure to take tons of pictures to celebrate this special day, why not create a Halloween flash video gallery with halloween related pictures, videos and audios?

Take Kvisoft Flash Video Gallery to do now. Flash Video Gallery provides you with the most beautiful transitions, effects and templates. With it, you can create halloween photo gallery with photos, music, FLV videos, transitions and effects, then save to your computer, upload to social websites like MySpace, blog, etc., or embed it to your personal website.


Halloween Flash gallery created by Flash Video Gallery

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Things you will need:
1. Halloween related pictures. (free halloween pictures for you:
2. Halloween related audios. (halloween music for you:
3. Flash gallery software - Click here to download a free trial copy

Step 1 : Add Halloween photos, music and videos

Start the Kvisoft Flash Video Gallery prgram. And then click "Add Gallery" button, name the gallery and add photos to this gallery. You can add unlimited galleries and photos if you wold like to. No quantitative restrictions! If you want to add background music for your Flash gallery, please click "Music" button to add it.

add flash gallery

Step 2 : Choose a template for output Flash gallery

Select templates from "templates" Tab on "Templates" screen for xml flash galleries, you can select difference templates. And then click "Template Setting" button to set Horizontal Items, Vertical Items, etc.

flash photo gallery template

Step 3: Decorate Halloween gallery with logo and preloader

Decorate the flash gallery with Logo and Preloader. You can add hyperlink for the logo.

decorate with proloader

Step 4: Publish Halloween Flash photo galleries

Before publis the Flash gallery, click "Setting" to set output option such as Size, Play Option, Loop Option, etc and check "Keep recommended aspect ratio". And then click "SWF" button publish it as XML-driven SWF Flash gallery. You can also export this flash gallery to tand-alone EXE file, ZIP, HTML file or sent via Email to others.

Want to insert the Halloween gallery to your personal website? This can be easily done. Just create the halloween slideshow in the first way, then preview it and copy the code that in the preview web page, paste it into your HTML web page. Then copy all the PFM-produced files and paste into the same folder with your HTML page, at last upload it to web server. Done.

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