How to Crop Video to Get Customized Video

Maybe you have plenty video files of different video formats on your computer hard drive, and want to crop video to remove some unsatisfactory or unneeded parts to get your ideal video clips for enjoying on portable apps. Still seeking a video converter with powerful video editing features?
Things become effortless if you get Kvisoft video converter full version. If you plan to wipe off unwanted footages, video scene, useless or ungraceful parts, the video conversion software definitely can meet your mind. Just cast a glance of the below tutorial about how to crop your video step by step:
You can start with loading video files which you need to convert and edit into the video conversion tool.
How to Crop video as per Your Need:

1. Navigate to Edit section and click it to go ahead to the editing tabs.
2. Press Crop icon which is under Input Preview window.
3. Input parameters for Width, Height, Left and Right to adjust the screen size to remove what you disliked. Alternatively, you can easily drag the dotted rectangle which shows on Input Preview panel to select the screen area.
During the cropping, please do take a glance of Output Preview to ensure the edited video is your favorite one.
4. Click Ok tab to save the settings.

Except video crop, If you also want to clip video, watermark video, or customize video effect to make your videos more enjoyable with Kvisoft video converting software, please visit related tutorials to get more information.

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