How to Convert PDF to HTML5 Flip Book?

"I have a PDF newsletter with video and graphics. Is there any way to convert PDF to HTML5 flip book for my mobile readers?" Asked by Maria.

HTML5, released in 2011, is the markup language which can naturally integrate multimedia and graphical content on web without any other alternative plugins. When both Apple and Android announced to stop using Flash on mobile devices in 2011, HTML5 becomes more and more important for digital publishers. Salesperson and markers who don't want to miss customers who use mobile phones, it's essential to save their digital content in HTML5 format.

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Kvisoft FlipBook HTML5 Generator is a professional software which can help you convert PDF files to HTML5 flip books with comfortable digital reading experience. This software supports publishing your digital content in both HTML5 and Flash format. Just see the simple steps below:

How to Convert PDF to HTML5 Flip Book?


Download and Install PDF to HTML5 Flipbook Software

It's free to download and evaluate the features of Kvisoft FlipBook Software. Please download it by following this link and then install it on your computer step by step by following the installation instructions.


Stat Program and Load PDF Files

After you launched the PDF to HTML5 conversion software, you will see the interface below. Please start with "New Project" to browse PDF documents which you want to convert. Once you selected PDF file(s), you can define the book size, customize page quality and preview imported pages in the pop-up window. Afterwards, please hit "Start" to import PDF files.


Customize Style and Settings

Once file importing is completed, Kvisoft PDF to HTML5 conversion software will direct you to the design interface, just as the below image shows. On the left panel, there are many beautiful pre-designed templates and themes which can be used to adorn your HTML5 version flipbook. Go to "Settings", there are many dropdown menus for customizing items like flipbook name, background style, page style, zoom actions, brand settings etc. This PDF to HTML5 converter can enable you preview all the settings and changes on right panel in due course.


Insert Multimedia to HTML5 Flippingbooks

Only active in Kvisoft digital magazine publishing software professional and enterprise version. Click "Edit Page" button, the page editor window will appear for you to insert multimedia such as video, links, texts, shapes, music, SWF etc on flipbook pages. Please drag and drop on selected flipbook page to add media files. You are allowed to set actions such as go to link, open page, call JavaScript function, Play etc for inserted multimedia elements. Then please click "Save and Exit" to go back to design interface.


Convert PDF to Flipbook in HTML5 Format

Please click "Preview" button to preview all the settings and design to ensure that everything is satisfactory. Now you can go to "Publish" to choose HTML5(Mobile) as the output format. If you want to publish flip book in both HTML5 and Flash format, please choose HTML and also tick "Make this magazine support mobile device". In "Advanced" menu, you can customize the Title, Description, Keywords etc to make your Flash and HTML5 flip book more seo-friendly. Then please hit "Start" to begin converting PDF files to HTML5 flipbooks.

It will take a while. Once the PDF to HTML5 flipping book conversion is finished, you will be directed to the Output Folder. Now you can upload the converted PDF HTML5 flip book to website for online sharing.

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