How to Convert PDF Document to HTML Web Pages

Want to find a way to convert PDF to html webpages and share your PDF contents with others easily? If you have a good command of html code, you can make the same layout webpage as the original PDF. However, why not using some direct way to convert your PDF file to html? You don't need take much time to copy the PDF content and compose the html code. PDF to HTML converter will do this web pages creation work in few clicks.

Take a look at the following steps to publish PDF files to HTML pages now with Kvisoft Free PDF to HTML converter.

Step 1 - Import the PDF files to the PDF to HTML converter

By clicking the "Add File" button, you can import multiple PDF files at a time. Also, you can drag and drop the PDF files to the panel. If you don't want to convert some of the PDF documents, just select the PDF and click the remove button.

Step 2 - Define the conversion pages for each PDF

The Kvisoft PDF to HTML converter allows you to define which PDF pages to be converted to html pages. If you don't want to convert all of the PDF pages, please select the PDF and then click the "Method" button (or select the PDF -> right click -> Method). Then the Method window would appear. There are four options for you. By default, it will convert all the PDF pages. Besides, you can choose convert all the even pages, all the odd pages, or define the specified PDF pages by inputting the page numbers.

Step 3 - Some other settings

Click the "Option" button, you will have the choice to do some other settings.
1. Ignore images whenoutputing the PDF to webpages.
2. Set the backgound color for the output webpages.
3. Customize the font type for the html pages.
settings when convert pdf to html

Step 4 - Start the PDF to HTML conversion process

After you do all the settings, click the "Convert" button to start the conversion process. In just a few seconds, the converted html webpages from the PDF would be created.

Do you think this free PDF to html way is much simple than the html code creation way? It really does. It is really helpful when you have a lot of PDF files which needs to be converted for your website.

About Kvisoft PDF to HTML: it is for users to convert PDF to html web pages with original images, hyperlinks, bookmark, etc. After converting, you can view it with any browsers.

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