How to Convert MP4 to FLV?

Refer to MP4, which is short for Moving Pictures Experts Group, you must be very familiar with it, not only it stands for portable media player device, but also it is one of the most popular video formats. As MP4 video is widely supported by cellphone, computers, iPod, iPad or any other digital products, MP4 videos can be seen everywhere. If you have accumulated some wonderful MP4 videos and want to broadcast them on video sites, then you'd better convert MP4 to FLV firstly.

FLV is the most popular flash video format which is commonly used by online video sharing webs, such as YouTube, Yahoo and Google video etc. Via Adobe Flash Player, the FLV videos can be quickly loaded with high quality so that viewers can enjoy movies online smoothly.

Compared with MP4 video that contains the same content, the FLV video outstands itself by a smaller video size. Therefore, the MP4 videos can be easier accepted by blog, MySpace or video sites. If you aim to share your MP4 videos with global video fans, let's follow the below tutorial to put MP4 to FLV conversion into practice.

Preparation: install and launch MP4 to FLV conversion software.

Step1: load videos to MP4 to FLV converter
Click the Add Video button, you can add multiple MP4 videos which you want to convert in batches.

add mp4 video  

Step2: edit, clip and merge videos if you need
The expert MP4 to FLV converter not only supports converting video of any format to FLV, but also it possesses video editing function. Simply click Edit, Clip and Merge button, you can add text and image watermark to display your brand logo or copyright, clip imperfect parts, or combine videos into one.

edit mp4 video

Step3: customize output settings
Click Formats button, you are in freedom of selecting FLV format, and customizing the audio and video settings. It is okay if you keep the preset values that MP4 to FLV converter offered.

select format of output flash video

Step4: start converting MP4 to FLV

Before conversion, you can click Browse button to select the output path where you want to place the converted FLV video. The conversion process only needs a few seconds, but it takes longer time to convert MP4 to FLV in batch.

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