How to Convert FLV to MP4 for Multiple Pocket Players?

Why we need to convert FLV to MP4?
FLV is the abbreviation of flash video, which is widely used by many well-known streaming video sites like YouTube, Yahoo video, Hulu, MySpace Reuters and so on. With use of Adobe flash player or other third-party plugins, the online FLV files can be opened and loaded rapidly in any web browser. In short, FLV is a popular web video format.
MP4 is a favorite media-containing format of various pocket players, such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, smartphones etc. However, these portable devices can't handle flash videos, so that's the reason why we need to convert FLV to MP4.

How to convert FLV to MP4 step by step?
To transfer FLV to MP4 video, in the first place we need choose a nice video converter. If you want to convert videos without quality sacrifice, this Kvisoft video converting software, which supports a wide variety of media formats, will not let you down.
Step1: add FLV videos
Run the FLV to MP4 converter, drag and click tab to input flash videos. It is available to transform a lot of videos at a time.
Step2: select MP4 as output format
Convert FLV to MP4
In the drop-down list of , highlight Common Video, and click MP4 icon to make it output format. Optionally, you can make full use of editing functions to get customizable MP4 files.
Step3: transform FLV to MP4

After you customized the output folder, please click tab to encode FLV to MP4 file. Usually the conversion speed depends on the video quantity and size. When the FLV to MP4 conversion is done, you will be informed timely by the video format converter.

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