How to Change the Display Language for Flipbook

Flip Book Maker allows users to define the display language for the output flipbooks. If you want to show the created Flash eBook in your own language such as French, Spanish, German or Arabic etc., this FlipBook Creator tools can help you to do the language settings.

Define display language for all flipbooks

If you want to publish all your flipping books in a specified display language, do the following settings:
Go to the installation folder of the Kvisoft Flipbook Maker (for example: F:/Program Files/Kvisoft/FlipBook Maker Pro), and then find the en folder under langs folder. You will see a list of xml document files.

If you want to change the apearance language for all the display window or pop-up window, please modify each xml files. Take the download file for example, open the download.xml file via Notepad or some other XML editor.

Then, translate the item value (marked with red frame) from English into your specified language. When you do all the translation work, please save the file. You can do the same operation for other xml files.
After you do the settings, you will publish all your PDF documents to flipbooks in specified display language.

Define language for outputted flipbook

If you want to modify the display language for one or some finished flipping books, do the following settings:
Go to the publish folder which save created flip book (for example: C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/My Documents/Kvisoft/Flipbook Maker/Published/Output Magazine), and then find the en folder under this directory: files/langs/en. It will display a lot of xml document files as the first picture above.
Then open the xml files and translate the item names to spcified language as the above operations.

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