How to Apply Motion Setting for Slideshow Photos

Beside providing various transition effects to make your photo slideshow alive, Flash Slideshow Designer also gives another way to animate your image slides by customizing the motion effects. It allows you to enlive your photos by panning across the image or by zooming in or out. Look like the camera lens are moving? Yes! You can zoom in the area that you are interested in or pan from one area to another. Here are the guides for you to apply motion effects for your slideshow photos.

Click the motion to preview the effect, and drag it to the Timeline/Storyboard to apply it. Double-click the motion can help you apply the motion to the current slide. You can also select one effect and apply it to all slides.

Click the Effect tab, and click the Motion icon you will come to the motion setting place. Here are some pre-set motion effects for you. If you want to customize the motion, just click the Customize Motion button under the Effect explorer. The Customize Motion window will pop up as below.

Follow steps below to customize motion effects.


Set the start and end motion for the photo

The rectangular areas of the same size at different positions result in panning effect, while the different sizes between rectangular areas make up zooming in or out effect. If you want to make panning effect for the photo, please set different positions for the start postion and end position. If you want to make zoom in/out effect, just click and resize the motion area to the place where you want to focus on. Click any part of the image to make a cross appear, and then drag to the spot in the photo where you want to begin or end. However, you should not make the rectangular area of the start position too small or you will see too large image and sometime just a color block (the image is magnified too much).


Settings and preview

Set the duration of the motion which decides how long the motion to display. Just input the time to the Motion Duration box. Find Photo Duration and input your value. To see the overall effect, click the Preview button to start preview. Repeat the above steps to make adjustments. If you are satisfied with your customized motion effect, click OK to apply it to current photo.


Save the customized motion

If you want to apply the customized motion effect to other photos, you can save the customized motion effect. Just input the name for the motion and then click the save icon to save the customized motion.

Click OK, and the motion effect will be applied to the current photo and saved to the motion list panel.

Tips: Click the previous or next button, you can continue to customize motion effects for previous or next photo without closing the Customize motion window.

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