How to Hide Top/Bottom Navigation Bar of Flipbooks

In our Kvisoft flipbook maker pro(versions 3.6), we provide the navigation bars on top/bottom of the pages for better view of the buttons. But if you feel the bars are not beautiful or not mixed well with the whole page colors. You could set the navigation bars as invisible.
Go to Design -> Advanced Settings -> NavigationBar Settings, You can find the Visible column here:

The parameters are firstly set according to the template and theme you already chose. You could set the navigation bars as invisible by clicking the checkbox to leave them blank. Remember to click the draw button to make it work.

Look at the contrast of the two Navigation Bars. The invisible one is more integrated with the theme background as a whole and looks more beautiful. Have a free trial of the digital flipbook software to create your own e-books now if you have interest in the tool.

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