How to Recover Lost Files from Mac Disk

Hard disk or hard drive is the common data storage device used on computer for storing digital files. You may store valuable information to your Mac hard disk, unfortunately, these files have been damaged or erased due to some reasons. Anyway to help do disk recovery on Mac? Don't be panic, you can easily get the missing files back just with Kvisoft Disk Recovery Mac.

Unexpected Mac Disk Data Loss Reasons as follows:

  • 1. Format Mac hard disk without any backup in advance
  • 2. Reinstall the Mac operating system
  • 3. Accidentally deleted a partition or wrong Mac disk partition
  • 4. Mac disk crash or corrupt
  • 5. Virus, such as Trojan, worm, invades Mac
  • This an easy way to solve the disk lost data with Kvisoft Data Recovery for Mac, which can recover data from Mac disk quickly in all the above situations. Let's see the disk recovery on Mac guide below:

How to Recover lost data from Mac Hard Disk


Select Hard Drive module

Launch Kvisoft Mac disk recovery software, and set read and scan permission for it by inputting your password. Afterwards, you will see the following interface. Please click the Hard Drive module.
recover data from mac disk


Select hard disk and scan mode for Mac disk file recovery

Once you click Hard Drive, the following interface will automatically appear in front of your eyes. Choose the correct Mac disk or system partition where you lost your files. There are two scan types for you to select: Quick Recovery or Deep Scan. We will recommend you to choose the Deep Scan mode as it can help you scan all the files on Mac disk. Then click Start button to go on.
select hard disk


Scan and recover missing files on Mac disk

You can have a cup of coffee, because the scanning process need spend some minutes. After scanned, all scanned files will be displayed and classified as the file format on the left panel. If the scan is still progressing but you have already found the file what you are looking for in the file list, please click stop button to end the Mac disk scan. It will help you save a lot of time in disk recovery on Mac.
Highlight the file and preview it. If it's the right one what you are looking for, please hit Recovery button to restore it.
preview mac disk data

It only takes minutes to recover files from formatted or deleted hard disk. Why not use Kvisoft Mac disc recovery to help you recover deleted files on Mac, such as documents, videos, music, photos and etc?

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