Make Flipbook Cover and Page Size Different

"My PDF document cover size is 595*750, other pages are all 500*630, it means that cover size is much bigger than page size. So is it possible to maintain the original cover and page size once it has been converted to flipbook?"

Have the same requirements as Daniel? This guide will bring you an answer. If your PDF file contains different size in cover and inside pages, you can create a stunning flipbook without losing its original design and layout. Kvisoft PDF flipbook software lets you customize the book page and cover size as per your need.

How to Define Size of Cover and Page?

1. Click New Project to browse PDF file > Open.

2. From the Import pop-up menu, go to Book Size and choose Advanced.

3. From the pop-up menu, unselect Cover and the pages have same size.

4. Choose Custom, then the Cover Size and Page Size will become customizable, please specify the width and height values. For example, if you want to make cover size bigger than the inside page size, please set Cover Size values bigger than Page Size.

Note: make sure that the width and height are keeping aspect ratio in order to prevent any distortion.

5. Click OK to import the PDF file.

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