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Landscape mode is basically used in digital camera when taking photos of a scene. It emphasizes the depth of field, not a single object. It also means horizontal screen mode widely used in tablet PC nowadays. In Kvisoft flipbook maker pro, we also provide you the landscape mode to show your images or PDF files. i.e. Each file can be showed smoothly in one page, without the dividing lines in the flipping book. Here is the landscape mode demo:

Take making landscape photo flipbook for example:
Please make sure the width and height  of cover is half of incide pages. Then please upload the files to the Kvisoft page flipping software (note: please adjust the page sequence beofore you click Start button).
1. Then go to Settings(on the top left)
2. Open dropdown menu of Advanced Settings
3. Tick Landscape mode
Kvisoft Flipbook Maker will automatically apply the setting and you can preview the landscape effect in real time from the preview panel.

a. If you do not like the dividing lines in the pages, you can decrease the value of Fold line to 0. Then the dividing line will disappear automatically.
b. Before you make a landscape flipbook, please adjust width and height of front cover and back cover to half the inside pages. For example: if the cover size is 335*251, so the inside page size should be 670*502.  This will effectly prevent your images from beening distorted.

Kvisoft flip page software provides you few demos to view the created flipping books, including the Landscape Mode flipping page demo. If you feel them amazing, have a free trial of the Kvisoft flip page software now!

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