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Question: "When I create a HTML version flipbook, I noticed that there is a download button option "Edit"" where a URL can be inserted. So which URL show I insert there if I want to make my flipbook content downloadable for readers? "
It's a question asked by Sabina who is a client of us using Kvisoft FlipBook Maker program. Have the same issue? This tutorial will share the solution details around the question.

Answer for the Question:

1. Make Download button hidden in flipbook

Once you have downloaded and installed the free trial of flipbook creator, please import document into it.
Then Go to Settings → Button Settings → Download, you can tick it off to make the Download button hidden in flipbook reader interface.
To hide Download button, your readers will can only view your flipbook, without permission to download the content. So you can preserve the originality and authorship of the flipbook content.

2. Make Download button shown and flipbook content downloadable

Tick Download button on → click "Edit" icon → enter URL(for example: http://www.mysite.com/brochure.pdf) → click OK.
Note: The URL means where readers can download the original content of your flipbook such as PDF document. So you need to upload the file "brochure.pdf" to your website firstly, then enter the correct URL here.

Once you finished these settings, the Download button will be shown on the reading interface.  When readers click the Download button,  the "brochure.pdf" file can be downloaded instantly. In case readers find your flipbook interesting but have no enough time to read it at the moment, they can directly download and save your content for offline reading or distribution.

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