Flipping Books Background Settings

The background of the flipbooks created by our Kvisoft page flip software is editable. And there are two elements for the background settings: the colors and the images.

To set the background of the flipbook, there are simply 3 easy steps:
1. Click Settins button on top left of Design tab.
2. Open Main Settings panel.
3. You'll find the Background setting there.

There are two optional background setting modes. The first one is to fill the background with colors. There are two colors choices in the column. You should choose at least one color as the background. And if two colors are chosen the same time, they will appear as a mixture. And there are three gradient styles: radical, Linear-v (vertical), and Linear-h (horizontal).

The other option is to add pictures as your eBook background. We provide you with different themes as background images, including static image or dynamic background. This program also allows you to add your own images or photos as background from your local computer.

From the drop-down menu, you can choose how to place and show backgound images. There are three modes, Stretch, Tile and Center. And Tile is the default mode if you do not make any choices. The next slidebar is for adjusting transparency . After set, result can be viewed right away on the righ side.

Here is the example of image background for the flipbooks:

If you feel it amazing, try to download the Kvisoft page turning software to create a digital flipping book of your own now!

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