How to Make and Embed Flickr Slideshow on Your Website or Blog

There are many ways to make a photo slideshow for your website or blog, but the easiest yet free way has got to be using Flickr, the photo sharing website. It is a simple web sharing service and requires no additional software or installation. And Flickr allows users to create slideshow from their Flickr photos in few mintues. Follow the steps below to build a Flickr slideshow for your website or blog now.


Log on Flickr

Sign into your Flickr account with Your Yahoo! ID, if you don't have Yahoo! ID you could create one for your Flickr.


Upload Photos for Slideshow to Flickr

  • 1. Click the "upload" button on the next page and select the photos you would like to upload. You also could drag and drop the photos and videos to the upload panel.
  • 2. You could edit the title, description, tags and more for these photos
  • 3. Add these photos to sets by clicking the "Add to sets" tab. You could create a new set by entering new set name. Or you can choose an existing set. At the same time, you can define the title and description for the new set.
  • 4. Click "Upload Photo" icon at the upper right corner to upload the photos to sets.

Make a Slideshow on Flickr

  • 1. Click "Sets" to enter the sets panel and click the set that you need to make into a slideshow.
  • 2. Click slideshow icon, then all of your photos in the set will be converted into a slideshow. And the slideshow will begin to play.

Embed the slideshow

From the slideshow, click the "Share" button in the upper right corner. Two HTML code lines will appear, the second line of code is the embed code.

You can copy and paste here or make adjustments to size by clicking the "Customize this HTML" button.

The slideshow will look something like this:

Flickr is a good photo sharing sites for you to create photo slideshow, besides this way, you also could make a more attractive slideshow within some slideshow software tool, like flash slideshow designer. Take a look at the baby slideshow make by it.

Want to make such amazing slideshow, take a look at this tutorial how to make slideshow for website .

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