How to Edit Photos for Flash Slideshow Designer

Travelling is so popular for people to relax and ease stress. It is good idea to make photo slideshow to show your plenty photos captured in journey, to share unforgettable moment and incredible landscape with your family and friends. But not every photo is perfect one, or you want to add some special elements. How to edit photos for slideshow? With Kvisoft photo slideshow software, this tutorial will show you how to do it.

First, please launch Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Designer and import your lovely photos. Next, photo thumbnails will show on bottom. Then you could double-click image thumbnail to open Image Editor. Its interface includes Preview field, Thumbnails, Toolbar and Option Setting Board.

To preview edition, please go to preview field. To re-select image which you want to edit, you could pick it up on thumbnails gallery.

With toolbar, it enables you to do some simple modification to image, such as adjusting viewing size, rotation, zoom, etc.


More editions can be do in options settings board. There are 3 panels, Image Edit, Image Filter and Description.

1. Image Edit Panel.

Crop photo. Please click Crop Now button, then move mouse to left image preview area. A cropping icon will show. Please left-click, hold and drag mouse to draw a frame, then double-click to apply and preview cropped image. To cancel cropping, please click Reset/Drop button, or the undo icon on toolbar.

Add text to image. Please click Add Text button and left-click image to locate cursor to where you want to add text. Next, type words to add text. Then, define its font, size, color, Alpha (transparency). After press End Add Text button or Enter key to save added text to photo.

2. Image Filter Panel.
It allows you to add filter effect to make your picture special, like invert, contrast, gamma, etc. Just simply choose the one you like by clicking filter thumbnail.

3. Description Panel.


You may like to add description to photo. It may be fulfill in this panel. Please check title and Description, then type text and define their font, size, and color, even add hyperlink to description. There is option to apply current description to all photos, please check it if you want. To put description on top or bottom, choose the one as you like. When to show description? Always show it when playing or play it after certain time? You make the choice.

Once edition for photos are completed, please click Save button to save modification to that image. Then you could switch to other pictures and go on to customize slideshow. Final, publish that pretty slideshow and upload it to website for sharing. That will definitely surprise your family and friends. It is so useful and powerful flash slideshow creator to create a slideshow with your own edition to photos.

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