How to Download and Install FlipBook Maker for Mac

Kvisoft FlipBook Maker for Mac works on Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Mac OS X Lion and etc for converting PDF to flash book on Mac. When install Kvisoft FlipBook Maker for Mac on Apple PC, many friends may ever met such a problem "Kvisoft FlipBook Maker is damaged and can't be opened" just as the below shows. If so, the below steps would be helpful for you.

The above dialog appears because you may select "Allow applications downloaded from Mac App store and identified developers". So when download Kvisoft FlipBook Maker for Mac for the first time, your Mac will automatically deny our software. To solve this problem, please follow these steps:


Please firstly select option Allow applications downloaded from "Anywhere"


Next download Kvisoft FlipBook Maker again. Once download finished, please restore the setting to "Mac App store and identified developers"


Install Kvisoft FlipBook Maker again, and you will not encounter the same problem anymore

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