How to Do Disc Recovery

Which disc recovery software do you use to recover all your files or folders of CD/DVD and then save them on computer or other hard drive? Because there is some low quality of disc, maybe you can browse your file from the resource manager, but the files cannot be read, or it may occurred that the whole disc cannot be read as time gone. What is to be done? Is there a solution to do disc recovery and get all the CD/DVD files back?

Actually you can use Kvisoft Data Recovery Mac which can help you to perform disc recovery on Mac and get your files back of various Scenarios:

  • Physical damage of CD/DVD disc due to scratch, bubbles, cracks and warping
  • Disc appears to be blank on your computer, even though it contains files
  • Recover accidentally deleted files when rewrite the Disc
  • Recover deleted files from CD/DVD disc

This mac data recovery software supports ISO 9660 and UDF file systems, whether you want to do data recovery from CD, or perform DVD data recovery, just only several steps, you can complete this job very easily. Here you can download two different versions, choose the best one to download as you need:

How to Do Data Disc Recovery


Insert disc to computer and launch software

Insert the recovered disc to optical device of your computer, then you can see the drive will be displayed on your computer, launch the recovery software to perform disc file recovery.


Choose Optical Media as scanned media

After run the Disc Recovery Mac, you will see the interface that reminded you to choose media type, CD/DVD disc is under Optical Media option, just choose Optical Media to continue.


Select CD or DVD disc to Scan

Go to this location, choose CD or DVD disc to scan. You can choose Deep Scan to recover all files from your disc. Or just select Quick Recovery to scan just deleted files. Then hit the Start button to continue.
select device


Preview and Recovery

After scanned, all the scanned files listed left side by categories and file types. Then you can click to preview the files. And then press the Recovery button to recover the files, the software will remind you to select the device the recovered files, just select one drive from your computer or choose another external drive to save the recovered files.
select device

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