How to Delete the Dividing Line of the Flipping Book

Kvisoft page flip software is a nice tool for you to create flash book with realistic flipping effect. What makes the digital eBook true is the dividing line in the centre of the pages. The created effect is as the following image shows:

However, some users may feel the dividing line is unnecessary and would like to delete it to integrate the whole pages as a smooth one like this:

So here we guide you to adjust or remove the dividing line easily.

Step1: Click Setting button on Design tab.
Step2: Go to Advanced Settings panel and find setting of Fold Line.
Step3:  Input  number or click the small triangular icons to adjust the flip line size. Number of Dividing Line should be from 0 to the maximum 1. When the number turns to 0, the grey line in middle of 2 pages will be removed and pages looks as flat. So that pages are combined together smoothly.

Just have a free trial of the Kvisoft flipbook maker pro and create your own digital flipping books now! If you don't need to insert media files into pages, please free try Kvisoft flip book software!

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