How to Define Navigation Bar for Flipping E-books

Navigation bar is the tool to highlight the buttons in the Kvisoft flipbook maker pro(only suitable for 3.6.10 or previous versions). Defined well, the navigation bar can become one of the attractive elements to the whole flipbooks. Go to Design -> Advanced Settings -> NavigationBar Settings, here you could define the navigation bar according to your own needs.

In this column, you can adjust the two properties of the Navigation bar: the visibility and the background.
In the visible setting of navigation bar, there are two optional boxes: Top Bar and Bottom Bar. If you tick either checkbox, the navigation bar will appear in related position. Generally, we will set the default navigation bar according to the buttons' position.

We can also adjust the colors, shapes, height and the width of the navigation bar in the background setting column here. In the first optional box, you can adjust the colors of the navigation bar as you like, and the height is adjustable by clicking the small triangles or write down the number between 0 and 999. The navigation bar will also be invisible if the height is 0; while the flipbook page will be covered by the navigation bar if you write down 999 in the height.

The lower optional box in this column collects a lot of shapes about different navigation bars, such as ladder shape, translucent or edge obfuscated types; but the definite colors cannot be changed.

The Left and Right buttons at the bottom of the column means the distance to edge of the flipbook background. With the range from 0 to 999, the width of the navigation bar can be as long as the whole page at 0, or be invisible when choosing 999 for either to the left or to the right.

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